Entry #1

To those who have me favorited here.

2008-08-16 16:03:58 by razzberri

I'm getting rid of all of my music here, for two reasons, the first being I'm going to release a CD soon, although I'm going to continue to put my stuff on a different site, and the second reason is that I just don't think my music appeals to many people here, it seems like I'm having a wave of people down-voting my stuff simply because the genre isn't their cup of tea.

Since this is the only site that I have gotten a negative response from my music, I'm not going to keep it up here.

If you want to keep up to date with my stuff, go here: http://vampirefreaks.com/Sine-Wave


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2008-08-22 03:54:02

NOOOOOO!!! Damn I love your music, especially the modernized C64 stuff! Oh well, I can't stop you from making your own decisions. You shouldn't have let the down-voters get you.


2008-08-27 22:37:52

at least you left inner circle so I don't have to remove you.


2008-09-18 22:58:37

Oh no! My Night Tonight!! I loved that song. =(


2008-11-23 02:33:29

aw man i cant find your stuff on there :( i was playing sound of music 1 and man i love that song i cant find it anywhere now well i wish u the best of luck with your cd


2008-11-23 02:34:10

is there a way you can just leave the night tonight for one day so i may download it :(


2009-02-27 23:08:47

nooo, i love yur stuff, i got a bunch on my ipod, i guess il have to find u again and download more however i can


2009-06-04 23:32:26

If you could just give me one chance to download Night Tonight, I could die happy.
That was seriously the best song on Newgrounds I had ever heard. T^T